Which motorcycle equipment for women to choose?

To care for her style, women are spoilt for choice. The motorcycle equipment for ladies is indeed inseparable to have the best look on her bike. The jacket is the garment that will suit you best both inside and outside, which all mothers around the world recommend to wear when leaving home. Female motorcyclists are fortunate to be able to count on great manufacturers of resistant clothing, such as Dainese, Alpinestars, Furygan, Helstons and Segura, whose jackets are easy to wear every day and will make them happy. Economy, safety and fashion, what more can we ask for this fresh and fantastic garment?

The jacket, the equipment of choice

We immediately associate a motorcycle jacket with a leather garment. Without a doubt, this classic element (jacket or jacket) is a symbol of the times, present in different aesthetics, from aviators to rockers. The "sucking the skin" is eternal and this is thanks to the fact that leather is the best material against asphalt abrasion and good thermal resistance, whether on the street, on the racetrack, in cool weather or in winter. It is the favourite but also the most sold. So easy to order online with free delivery. But there are also textile jackets designed for motorcycling thanks to the use of new technical fabrics. Here is a world of possibilities: there are as many jackets as there are climates and conditions you can find. There's summer, with excellent ventilation, and winter, which are generally waterproof, and we can rely on the quality of materials such as Alpinestar to know that we'll be warm on icy roads. In addition, if we want to travel around the world and be prepared in any climate, it is always useful to have a removable thermal lining for your jacket. Not all linings are removable. And then there are those who specialize in taking you discreetly to the office or looking for the greatest possible visibility between cars. To complete safety, there's nothing better than the protections built into the jacket. Many jacket models are already equipped with enough space to integrate chest and back (back) protectors to perfectly complement the reinforcements built into the jacket or jacket. And remember that most jackets are equipped with removable internal zippers to join pants from the same manufacturers. So you already have an excuse to buy trousers as well. More and more women are entering the exciting world of motorcycling, so we want to focus on a subject that is sometimes considered secondary, despite its relevance. This is the equipment of the motorcyclist and the special case of the female public of women's motorcycle jackets. We are fully convinced that you are fully aware of the importance of choosing a safe bike, the use of an approved helmet and the need to drive carefully after putting on a nice and strong black jacket. But there are other elements that also contribute to safer driving.

Safety essentials

When you ride a motorcycle, your body is more exposed. Therefore, we want you to pay special attention to women's motorcycle clothing as a safety feature. When choosing clothing, you can be sure that you look at the design, as it makes sense. In this sense, you are lucky, because the options for women's motorcycle clothing are increasing and are very aesthetically pleasing. In any case, our first recommendation is to always wear clothing specifically designed for motorcycling. We recommend that you never use clothing made for other purposes, as you will put your safety at risk.

Specific motorcycle clothing

It's true that clothing can be expensive, but if you have a small budget, we recommend that you look at the many options available on the second-hand market or in specialty clothing stores. Perhaps you yourself have already sold a textile such as a branded jacket with a detachable fastening? Or elbow or back protectors? The equipment you need to use at any given time depends on factors such as the weather outside or the type of route you usually take. It's not the same thing to ride on city streets as it is on a road or mountain trail. If the trips you make are mostly urban, you'll find some very useful jeans and a basic motorcycle jacket. If you live in an area with frequent rainfall, it is recommended that the clothing be waterproof. You can find them at a good price in many specialist shops, you will save money and they will protect you from the water. If you order online, delivery and return are free.

Gloves deserve special attention

Always remember that gloves are mandatory when riding a motorcycle. They can be made of leather or fibre, but it is always preferable to wear protective gloves on your fingers. It is also important that they have a sliding plate on the inside. This considerably reduces the effect of the skin's friction with the ground in the event of a fall. If you drive at any time of the year, it will be handy to have some for the summer and some for the winter. You should always choose the ones that suit you and allow you good mobility. Note for the style, you can match them with your jacket or with your partner's jacket.

Essential clothing

When choosing your clothes, you should look for materials that will keep you warm in winter and cool in summer. The most traditional material for women's clothing women's sportswear for motorcycles</a> is black leather. This material has many advantages, as it is very aesthetic with a resistant couple. However, every time there are more technical materials on the market, with excellent thermal, breathable and protective properties, which will allow you to ride at any time of the year according to your needs.
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