What are the different tyre models to choose from?

However, you don't need to be a mechanical expert to choose your tyres. Here are a few tips to help you buy your tyres in the best conditions: understand the characteristics of the tyres, know how to distinguish between tyre brands (premium, medium or first price), and above all compare the prices of these tyres.

Understanding the characteristics of your tires

Each vehicle requires suitable tyres. The characteristics of the tyres are as follows: 205/55 R16 91 H. You can find this information directly on your tyres, on the driver's side of the door or in your car's service manual. The five characteristics represent the width (205), height (55), diameter (16), load index (91) and speed index (H) respectively. Simply put, you must strictly follow these specifications. Failure to respect these dimensions can play tricks on you, such as a failure at the technical inspection or problems with your insurer in the event of an accident.

Which brand of tyre to choose?

Once the dimensions of your tyres have been noted, you now have the hardest part to do, choosing your tyre model. You will have to make your selection from nearly 400 brands, and many more models. There are three main categories of brands: the premium brands which are the best known by the general public, and also the most purchased. These include the famous Michelin, Dunlop, Continental, Pirelli, Bridgestone and Goodyear. With these brands, there are no surprises. Quality will always be there. Medium brands are to be preferred if your budget does not allow you to invest in a premium brand. And, the "first price" brands for small budgets. The performance of these tyres is generally good in summer, but their behaviour in winter or on wet roads sometimes leaves something to be desired.

Finding tyres at the best price

Concessions, local garages, car centres, websites: there is no shortage of places to buy your tyres. However, the prices of the products sold there vary from simple to triple. For consumers, whether they are talking about tyres or not, the best tool for finding what they want at the lowest cost is the internet. Price comparisons have multiplied in all areas in recent years, and the tyre is no exception. To buy your tyres at the best price, you will need to use an independent tyre price comparison service.
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