Finding insurance for your classic motorcycle

Taking out insurance becomes compulsory for users of motor vehicles, both two-wheelers and cars. And if usually it is the new motorcycles that are used in everyday life that are covered by insurance, you should be aware that old motorcycles, which are simply called vintage motorcycles, must also have insurance to protect them in case of accidents, breakdowns, etc. Here's everything you need to know about classic motorcycle insurance.

What is a classic motorcycle?

From a purely legislative point of view, motorcycles over 30 years old are considered collector's motorcycles. This means that motorcycles in this category have a special registration document that gives them the status of collectors' motorcycles. This is, among other things, a document that allows them to circulate legally. In addition to this specific vehicle registration document, a document specifying the specificity of the two-wheeler is also necessary for its circulation. The same applies to her old category card. However, a recent model of a motorcycle can also be considered as a vehicle or more precisely a collector's two-wheeler by your motorcycle insurance. This is precisely the case if you own a rare model, which is not in the eyes of the law. For this reason, there are currently several insurance companies that offer their customers special offers for motorcycles under 30 years of age. That said, if you own a product in such a limited number, your insurer is likely to offer you a specific collector's motorcycle insurance policy offering you maximum guarantee and coverage.

Good reasons to take out classic motorcycle insurance

Just like newer motorcycles on public streets, vintage vehicles also need to be adequately insured, as no one is immune to possible accidents and breakdowns that require coverage or an appropriate warranty. It is important for owners to take out such insurance, as the offers offered by the agencies cover the repairs that may be necessary following an accident. Thus, in the event of a claim, the specificity of your vehicle is taken into account by your insurer. You therefore have the opportunity to take advantage of a wider and more complete offer. Please note that the reimbursement for collector vehicles is significantly higher than that of recent models due to the official collector's number. However, the compensation for material damage is higher. For this reason, you should carefully choose your insurer for optimal coverage. For this reason, it is important to take a look at the offers offered by the various organizations. You have the possibility to do your research on the internet. By opting for this solution, it is easier to use online comparison sites that compare the offers available on the market for you.
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