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To ensure your safety, you must wear suitable motorcycle accessories and equipment. This personal protective equipment must be approved and meet manufacturing standards. Motorcycle helmets, gloves, fluorescent vest, suitable clothing and trousers are some of the essential motorcycle equipment.

Compulsory equipment for two-wheelers

Among the mandatory equipment, the first is undoubtedly the helmet. The latter is chosen primarily for its efficiency and perfect adaptation to the rider's head, the aesthetic aspect only being optional. It is recommended to choose a helmet that meets the E22 standard. Wearing gloves is also compulsory. Although this protection has long been adopted by motorcyclists, it was quite different for scooter riders. As with the helmet, gloves are chosen according to specific criteria. They must be thick enough to provide effective protection, but at the same time must maintain the necessary sensitivity to feel the controls. Wearing an approved fluorescent vest is mandatory for two-wheeler pilots in the event of an emergency stop, as it is for motorists.

Equipment that is not mandatory, but highly recommended

Jacket and pants are highly recommended. For a long time limited to leather, clothing dedicated to motorcycling is now available in a variety of materials and with lines that are as protective as they are elegant. As for boots, a model covering the ankles is ideal, but thin enough to retain a certain flexibility. These basic features can be improved with accessories that protect the back and shoulders. If maximum equipment is not an obligation, riding a motorcycle bare arms, in shorts and sandals is pure unconsciousness.

Useful equipment to have in the trunk

The laptop is one of the easy-to-store items, providing great service in the event of an anomaly. The amicable report easily finds a place either on the rider or on the motorcycle. An anti-theft device is essential when parking in town and can be a condition for insurance compensation in case of theft. For long journeys, almost all motorcycles can be equipped with a bag attached to the tank. This can then contain rain gear if the sky is threatening, as well as a first aid kit containing bandages and a cream or aerosol that can soothe insect bites.
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